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About Me

My name is Oleg Brazhnyk and I'm an Irish-Ukrainian artist, living mostly online and working primarily with digital mediums.

In my art I try to find the intersection of realism and the mystical, the balance between digital and the offline. My style is recognised by the use of bold, saturated colors, the mix of digital and traditional along with glitch elements in the artwork.

My latest project 365 Days of Art where I'm producing a finished piece of art daily for 2019.

Originally from Ukraine, I've lived in Ireland for 15 years, where I went to college to study public relations. After 4 years of working as a marketing manager in Dublin, I decided I had enough. I quit, sold all my possessions, and moved to Asia with a bag of everything I owned on my back and the dream of being a full time artist. I am still chasing that dream.

I am currently working out of my studio in Kildare where I print and frame my artwork, with my assistant Alex (the cat). In addition to my studio work, over the last couple of years I've worked on murals, websites, coffee bag design and more.

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